How to enter files – “Files” app

TouchTheVideo Plus is compatible with the standard iOS/iPadOS “Files” app, so you can use the “Files” app to copy files from various apps’ storage. From where iCloud Drive files for apps that support iCloud Drive Local files in apps that support “Files” Files in cloud storage apps (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.) that support “Files” (*1) Files on the file server registered in “Files”   (*1)Apps such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive are not shown by default. iPhone – You can turn on the display by selecting “Edit” from the upper right menu of the “Browse” screen. iPad – The sidebar can be turned on by “Edit Sidebar” from the menu in the … Continue reading

How to enter files – Universal Control

A feature called Universal Control is now available with macOS Monterey 12.4 and iPadOS 15.5. For details on settings and supported models, please refer to the following.   TouchTheVideo Plus supports drag-and-drop, so with universal controls, you can drag and drop files directly from your Mac to TouchTheVideo Plus.   注 Only files supported by TouchTheVideo Plus can be copied. Multiple files can be copied at once, but not in folder copies.   Topic With TouchTheVideo Plus, you can drag and drop more than just files! While playing a video in TouchTheVideo Plus, you can drag the screen with the mouse cursor on the universal control to copy a … Continue reading

How to enter files – Connect to a Windows

Open the iTunes application. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch (hereafter referred to as iOS device) to your Windows. A small device icon will appear to the right of “Music.” Click on that icon. The device backup and other screens will appear. Select “File Sharing” on the left sidebar. When you select T.T.Video from the App list in File Sharing, a list of files in the T.T.Video+ file folder will be displayed. Files and folders can be copied to this area by dragging and dropping them from the disk top, etc. You can also drag and drop files from the T.T.Video+ file folder here.

How to enter files – Connect to a Mac

Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch (hereafter referred to as iOS device) to your Mac. Open File menu > New Finder Window. Select the connected iOS device from the left sidebar. Select “File” from the device contents list. Tap “>” on the left of T.T.Video+ to see the list of files in the T.T.Video+ file folder. You can drag and drop files and folders from other folders into this area. You can also drag and drop files from the T.T.Video+ file folder.

Touch The Video Plus ver1.1 released

The following is a guide to the changes in ver1.1. Partial automation of marker information import function. For more information on importing marker information from the old TouchTheVideo, please see this page. Migration of data from old TouchTheVideo As explained on this page, imports are automated under certain conditions. In addition, ver1.0 required the purchase of a premium subscription in order to import, but from ver1.1, this has been modified so that the free version can also do so. Specification changes and bug fixes when sharing from other apps When copying videos and photos from other apps to TouchTheVideo Plus via “Share”, they were previously copied to the “Inbox” of … Continue reading

Migration of data from old TouchTheVideo

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to migrate the old TouchTheVideo data. Here we will inform you how to transfer the video and marker information from “TouchTheVideo Documents” to TouchTheVideo Plus. If migration of marker information is not required, see only 2.   In addition, “Photo” albums and iTunes library data will be shared with TouchTheVideo Plus, so there is no need to migrate data.(”Music Videos” in the “iTunes Library” can no longer be displayed in TouchTheVideo Plus due to restrictions by Apple.) 1.Exporting marker information Tap the (up-arrow) export button that appears when paused in the old TouchTheVideo player and select “Marker Information” > “Export Marker Information” > “OK”. … Continue reading

TouchTheVideo Plus

  TouchTheVideo, a high-performance video player, also supports photos Now you can manage videos and photos together. It also supports drag-and-drop, picture-in-picture, and split-view (iPad only) functions for the latest operating systems, making it even easier to use. Usage Scenes Viewing Videos – High-speed playback with high sound quality. – Four different speed buttons – Lip-sync adjustment – Picture-in-picture support – Split-view support(iPadOS) Video and Photo Organization – You can save tags and notes for each content, and notes for each day or folder. – Daily backup and restore of “Photos” app data – All composite data in the “Photos” app can be saved while editing. You can edit the … Continue reading

TouchTheVideo Plus released

TouchTheVideo Plus v1.0, a major renewal of Touch The Video, is now available on the App Store.   This section focuses on new features and changes from TouchTheVideo.   Photo support Previously only video content was supported, but TouchTheVideo Plus now supports photo content. Support for photo content allows for the following Backup and restore photos and videos in the Photos app by day. Photo and video slideshows are available. Photos captured from a video can be managed in the same folder. You can convert a single photo into a moving video. Multiple photos can be converted to video. Supported files are still image files with jpg, jpeg, png, heic, … Continue reading

Video Viewer – Marker function

Marker mode Tap the [Marker] button to enter marker mode and display the marker list. Tap the size button to use the full screen in marker mode.   Marker Control Screen   marker button [Mark] is displayed during playback. – Tap:One-touch marker / Registers a marker for a fixed time period. – Long press:The marker is registered from the time when the button is pressed to the time when it is released. – Slide right:The [OUT] indicator appears and registers the marker in the period of time until the next tap. When registering while playing, the timing of the press is slightly later, so the time is registered at an … Continue reading

Video Viewer – Basic operation

Changed in Ver. 1.2. Screen Structure Volume/Capture During playback : Volume buttons Tap to display the volume slider. Tap again to make it disappear. When paused : Capture button Save the frame image in jpeg during posing.   seek bar Touching the playback position will seek to that position.   end mode Changes the behavior at the end of playback. You can choose to “exit player”, “replay”, or “pause”. Default selection can be set in “Setting” > “Video Viewer” > “Play by item selection” > “End Playing”.   marker mode Tap to enter marker mode and become a marker button.   scrub bar Video thumbnails and sound pressure levels are … Continue reading