How to enter files – “Files” app

TouchTheVideo Plus is compatible with the standard iOS/iPadOS “Files” app, so you can use the “Files” app to copy files from various apps’ storage.

From where

  • iCloud Drive files for apps that support iCloud Drive
  • Local files in apps that support “Files”
  • Files in cloud storage apps (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.) that support “Files” (*1)
  • Files on the file server registered in “Files”


(*1)Apps such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive are not shown by default.

iPhone – You can turn on the display by selecting “Edit” from the upper right menu of the “Browse” screen.

iPad – The sidebar can be turned on by “Edit Sidebar” from the menu in the upper right corner of the sidebar.

To where

  • TouchTheVideo Plus file folder


  • Any file can be copied, but TouchTheVideo Plus will only recognize supported files.
  • Folders can also be copied.

Basic operation

Select a file or folder.

Locate the file or folder you wish to copy from the File app browse screen.


If there is one file or folder you want to copy, long press and choose “Move” from the menu that appears.

If there are two or more files or folders you want to copy, select “Select” mode, select multiple items, and choose “Move” displayed at the bottom.

Select TouchTheVideo Plus

A dialog box will appear asking you to specify the destination.

Select “On My iPhone/iPad” > “TouchTheVideo” and tap the “Copy” button.


Drag &Drop

On the iPad, the “File” app and TouchTheVideo Plus can be used side-by-side in Split View to copy files by dragging and dropping.

Drag and drop has the following limitations.

  • Only files supported by TouchTheVideo Plus can be copied.
  • Multiple files can be copied at once, but not in folder copies.
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