About Related Folder

TouchTheVideo Plus uses a method of storing information related to the contents of file holders and private folders in the “Related Folder”. The fact that related information is stored in this folder facilitates backups and restorations that include related information. Folder name The file name of the main content is “ABC000.MOV” with the last period changed to an underline “ABC000_MOV” is the name of the associated folder. TouchTheVideo Plus detects the relationship between both in the same folder and recognizes them as related folders. TouchTheVideo Plus handles related folders as follows Related folders are not displayed as folders. File operations such as copying, moving, and deleting are performed in conjunction … Continue reading

Metadata modification

Metadata modification allows you to modify the creation date and time, location and other information. Creation Date Tap the “Creation Date” button and three options will appear. No Change Save the file with the original creation date and time. Change by offset When selected, an input dialog box appears. Correct by adding the offset time from the original creation date and time. The input is the offset time; for 1 hour and 30 minutes, it is 1.5.   This input field contains default values. This number indicates the difference from UTC time. When importing video from some cameras, the OS recognition may shift the UTC time difference. Time correction for … Continue reading

Edit – Speed Effect

When the speed effect is opened, the event list appears. Event Registration Seek with scrub bar or playback control to event location. Add an event with the “+” button. Change Parameters Time This is the start time of that event. The time of the first event is the start time. Tap the time item for each event, and the time display will change to “Set”. In this state, move the time with the scrub bar or other device, and tap “Set” to change and save the time. Pause Specify the stop time (in seconds) at that time. Tap the Pause item for each event to display the input panel. 0 … Continue reading

Edit – Adjust Colors

Tap the “Adjust Colors” item to display the Adjust Colors panel.     Tap the “ON” button to activate the adjustment.   Touching the numeric buttons further changes the display of the setting item, and the setting for that item can be set using the setting slider, fine-tuning -, fine-tuning +, reset, and so on. Adjustment items include brightness, contrast, highlight, shadow, saturation, and hue.   When adjustments are complete, use “Back” to return to editing.

Edit – Pan and Zoom

When you open the Pan and Zoom settings, you will see a list of keyframes. A keyframe at time 0 is registered as the default setting. Time Key frame time Position Zoom magnification, angle, and offset are displayed. “x1.00 0.00° (0.00,0.00)” is the initial value and has not been changed. Position Change Touch the position to display the pan/zoom setting panel. Zoom magnification, angle, and position can be set on this panel. Touching the yellow number buttons changes the display of the setting item, and the setting for that item can be set with the setting slider, fine-tune -, fine-tune +, reset, etc.。   Zooming and offsetting can be performed … Continue reading

Video Viewer – Edit

Edit mode “Edit” in the function menu switches to edit mode. The close button in the expansion area exits edit mode. Edit Item Aspect Tap to select from [Original Aspect],[16:9],[3:2],[4:3],[1:1],[4:5],[3:4],[2:3],[9:16]. Resolution Tap to select a typical resolution based on the original resolution and aspect. Pan and Zoom Tap to enter “Pan/Zoom edit mode”. See “Edit – Pan and Zoom” for details. Adjust Colors Tap to display the color adjustment setting screen. See “Edit – Adjust Colors” for details. Speed Effect Tap to enter “speed effect edit mode”. See “Edit – Speed Effect” for details. Loop Effect Sets the effect of repeated playback. Currently, “None” and “Dissolve” can be selected. “Dissolve” … Continue reading

How to enter files – “Files” app

TouchTheVideo Plus is compatible with the standard iOS/iPadOS “Files” app, so you can use the “Files” app to copy files from various apps’ storage. From where iCloud Drive files for apps that support iCloud Drive Local files in apps that support “Files” Files in cloud storage apps (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.) that support “Files” (*1) Files on the file server registered in “Files”   (*1)Apps such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive are not shown by default. iPhone – You can turn on the display by selecting “Edit” from the upper right menu of the “Browse” screen. iPad – The sidebar can be turned on by “Edit Sidebar” from the menu in the … Continue reading

How to enter files – Universal Control

A feature called Universal Control is now available with macOS Monterey 12.4 and iPadOS 15.5. For details on settings and supported models, please refer to the following. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212757   TouchTheVideo Plus supports drag-and-drop, so with universal controls, you can drag and drop files directly from your Mac to TouchTheVideo Plus.   注 Only files supported by TouchTheVideo Plus can be copied. Multiple files can be copied at once, but not in folder copies.   Topic With TouchTheVideo Plus, you can drag and drop more than just files! While playing a video in TouchTheVideo Plus, you can drag the screen with the mouse cursor on the universal control to copy a … Continue reading

How to enter files – Connect to a Windows

Open the iTunes application. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch (hereafter referred to as iOS device) to your Windows. A small device icon will appear to the right of “Music.” Click on that icon. The device backup and other screens will appear. Select “File Sharing” on the left sidebar. When you select T.T.Video from the App list in File Sharing, a list of files in the T.T.Video+ file folder will be displayed. Files and folders can be copied to this area by dragging and dropping them from the disk top, etc. You can also drag and drop files from the T.T.Video+ file folder here.

How to enter files – Connect to a Mac

Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch (hereafter referred to as iOS device) to your Mac. Open File menu > New Finder Window. Select the connected iOS device from the left sidebar. Select “File” from the device contents list. Tap “>” on the left of T.T.Video+ to see the list of files in the T.T.Video+ file folder. You can drag and drop files and folders from other folders into this area. You can also drag and drop files from the T.T.Video+ file folder.