[FAQ]Camera roll video not detected ~ How to download original files with “iCloud Photos”

“Suddenly I could not see that part even though I could see it until now” We are reporting issues such as. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. In such a case, are you using “iCloud Photos”? Even if iCloud photo does not have original file, thumbnail is displayed on camera roll, but T.T.Video is specification which can not detect without original file. To download the original file please do as follows. In the list of photo applications, select “Select” mode and select the file you want to download. Select “Save to files” from the export button in the lower left. The message “Preparing …” is displayed. You will wait until … Continue reading

(日本語) [FAQ]連続再生のキャンセル方法は?

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[FAQ]TouchTheVideo cannot start.

We got reported that the TouchTheVideo does not start after updating the App or iOS. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. The major reason is the database of the TouchTheVideo has become inconsistent. Sorry to bother you but when you face the phenomenon, please initialize the TouchTheVideo database by following below steps. [Note] – By following the procedure, you may lose the information such as Playback history All the registered markers Folders in iTunes File Sharing and the file order Favorite attribute and the order Startup Passcode How to initialize the TouchTheVideo database 1. Download the text file from below url and save as “reset-database.txt”. reset-database.txt If you can … Continue reading

[FAQ]Videos in camera roll do not show up on the TouchTheVideo Contents list. (iOS6 or later)

In order for TouchTheVideo to show videos in Camera Roll or Event of the standard Photos application, setting an access permission to the Photos is necessary. In iOS5.1 or before, access permission to the Photos of the iPhone/iPad was allowed by getting access permission to location services. From iOS6.0, the access permission specification has been separated into “Location Services”, “Contacts”, “Photos” and so on, and access permission to the Camera Roll is under “Photos” privacy setting. To watch videos in camera roll, please go to “Settings” app ==> “Privacy” ==> “Photos” and turn on the setting for “T.T.Video” to allow access to your photos.

[FAQ]How to delete an original video file registered in the TouchTheVideo?

How to delete original video files registered in the TouchTheVideo depends on the kind of the contents. In case of files registered in “iTunes file share” Those files are under control of TouchTheVideo storage management, so you can directly delete them from the application one by one. In the “iTunes file share” list of TouchTheVideo, just slide on a video title you would like to delete, then “Delete” button will be shown. Tap the “Delete” button. Tap “OK” for confirmation. In case of files in “Camera Roll”, “Podcasts”, “iTunes U”, “Movies” and “TV Shows”. Those videos are not under control of TouchTheVideo, and TouchTheVideo just refers to them to playback. … Continue reading

[FAQ]Sound does not come out.

There are two possible reasons. 1.Please confirm the Ring/Silent switch. Please turn the switch to “Ring” when it is “Silent”. Playing back sound by many applications including standard “video” is available even when the switch is “Silent”, but “T.T.Video” complies with the Ring/Silent switch setting. Notes In iPad,”Lock Rotation” or “Mute” is selectable by the setting of “Use Side Switch to:”. When T.T.Video sound does not come out even when the current setting is “Lock Rotation”, please follow procedure below. Select “Mute” from “Settings” application / “General” / “Use Side Switch to:” Turns the switch to “Sound Output” (not the red one) ==> now the sound from T.T.Video should come … Continue reading

[FAQ]Videos in camera roll do not show up on the TouchTheVideo Contents list. (iOS5 of before)

TouchTheVideo needs location permission to see your Camera Roll. In order to allow access, enable the permission from “Settings”App -“Lacation Services” – “T.T.Video”. If the TouchTheVideo is already running, restart the application as follows. 1. Hit the home button twice. 2. Hold the TouchTheVideo icon down until it starts jiggling. 3. A red “-” should appear on the corner of the TouchTheVideo icon. Press the red “-” to quit the TouchTheVideo 4. Launch the TouchTheVideo and check the Contents list.