Touch The Video Plus ver1.1 released

The following is a guide to the changes in ver1.1.

Partial automation of marker information import function.

For more information on importing marker information from the old TouchTheVideo, please see this page.

As explained on this page, imports are automated under certain conditions.

In addition, ver1.0 required the purchase of a premium subscription in order to import, but from ver1.1, this has been modified so that the free version can also do so.

Specification changes and bug fixes when sharing from other apps

When copying videos and photos from other apps to TouchTheVideo Plus via “Share”, they were previously copied to the “Inbox” of the file folder. However, the “Inbox” folder is a special folder for iOS and has various restrictions, so we changed the specification to copy to the “INBOX” folder.

In addition, a bug that prevented copying to TouchTheVideo Plus from the “File” application or other “Share” applications has been fixed.

Change of supported OS

Previously, the supported OS was iOS11 or later, but it will now be iOS13/iPadOS13 or later.


Use TouchTheVideo Plus to manage your videos and photos!

Most features are available in the free version. The free version is also (for now) free of advertisements.If you are working with video or photos on your iPhone or iPad, please give it a try.



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