You can search for content titles, tags, etc. within each listing. (From ver. 1.6) Search Method Select “Search” from the top right function menu of the list. Enter search words in the search box. You can perform an AND search by entering multiple words separated by spaces. Search target File Folder and Private FolderSearch contents and folders in the hierarchy below for each folder unit. “Photos”>DailySearches all referenced content and groups. Photos”>by group listSearches content within each group. Search Items Contents Title File name Tag Memo Creation date (search as YYYYYMMDDHHmmss characters) Group Folder name/li> Group memo

Photo data to external copy

Customize how the “Photos” data is copied and backed up to file folders and private folders by selecting the settings and menu options at runtime.   Preliminary settings are made in “Setting” > “Place” / “Photos” settings” > “External Copy”.   File name Select the name of the file to be copied. The following selections are available. From date/time taken Save the file with the file name “YYYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_mmm” based on the shooting date and time. From file name When you take a picture with an iPhone or other device, the file name “IMG_xxxx”, which is automatically added, is saved as it is. From title Save the title changed in TouchTheVideo … Continue reading

About Related Folder

TouchTheVideo Plus uses a method of storing information related to the contents of file holders and private folders in the “Related Folder”. The fact that related information is stored in this folder facilitates backups and restorations that include related information. Folder name The file name of the main content is “ABC000.MOV” with the last period changed to an underline “ABC000_MOV” is the name of the associated folder. TouchTheVideo Plus detects the relationship between both in the same folder and recognizes them as related folders. TouchTheVideo Plus handles related folders as follows Related folders are not displayed as folders. File operations such as copying, moving, and deleting are performed in conjunction … Continue reading

Metadata modification

Metadata modification allows you to modify the creation date and time, location and other information. Creation Date Tap the “Creation Date” button and three options will appear. No Change Save the file with the original creation date and time. Change by offset When selected, an input dialog box appears. Correct by adding the offset time from the original creation date and time. The input is the offset time; for 1 hour and 30 minutes, it is 1.5.   This input field contains default values. This number indicates the difference from UTC time. When importing video from some cameras, the OS recognition may shift the UTC time difference. Time correction for … Continue reading