[FAQ]TouchTheVideo cannot start.

We got reported that the TouchTheVideo does not start after updating the App or iOS. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. The major reason is the database of the TouchTheVideo has become inconsistent. Sorry to bother you but when you face the phenomenon, please initialize the TouchTheVideo database by following below steps. [Note] – By following the procedure, you may lose the information such as Playback history All the registered markers Folders in iTunes File Sharing and the file order Favorite attribute and the order Startup Passcode How to initialize the TouchTheVideo database 1. Download the text file from below url and save as “reset-database.txt”. reset-database.txt If you can … Continue reading

Touch The Video v1.7.1 released

Touch The Video new version v1.7.1 has been just released in the App Store. Here are changes with the v1.7.1 and v1.7 The following bugs of ver1.7 have been fixed. When a file was specified as “private mode” (with Touch the Video ver1.7 or before), it was not be displayed on Touch The Video ver.1.7 even when the private mode was ON. A setup of “Contents display control” was not reflected immediately. Display control of iTunes file share’s Folder When all the videos in a folder become undisplayed by setup of “Contents display control”, the folder itself is not displayed. The following is a new function from the version 1.7. … Continue reading

We apologize for the bug of Touch The Video ver1.7

Thank you for always using the Touch The Video. Here is a important bug notification of the Touch The Video ver.1.7 released on Aug. 23rd. It has been found that with this version, once a file is specified as “private mode”, it will not be displayed on the contents list. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and would like to report bug details as follows. For your information, currently we have temporarily stopped the sales and the update of the Touch The Video. The Symptom When a file is specified as “private mode” (with Touch the Video ver1.7 or before), it will not be displayed on Touch … Continue reading

Touch The Video v1.7 released

[Urgent information] The fault that the file in the private mode disappeared by the version 1.7 was discovered. Now, procedure of the sales stop is performed. Please do not update, when the private mode is being used.   Touch The Video new version v1.7 has been just released in the App Store. Here are changes with the v1.7. Custom Video Thumbnails (iOS5 or later) When saving a still picture, you can choose whether “Save to camera roll” or “Save as a thumbnail”. By setting thumbnail with the best memorable scene, you can visibly recognize more easily what the content is. In order to show larger thumbnail as much as possible … Continue reading

TouchTheVideo was reviewed in Kechapp!

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Zoom In and Frame Capture

Zoom In Two finger operation on video screen (touch control area) can allow you to zoom in (by pinch-out), zoom out (by pinch-in) and move the displaying position (by 2 finger slide). Touch Control Area (menu ON, portrait mode) Touch Control Area (menu OFF, landscape mode) Return to original size Tap the Touch Control Area with 2 fingers to return to the original size and position. (When not displayed enlarged, 2 finger tap enlarges the video to 2x size.) Frame Capture When pausing, you will find the camera icon is shown on the upper menu. Tap the camera icon to capture the current frame and save to the Camera Roll. … Continue reading

Utilizing Marker

Jump to a marker Tap the “Jump” button then the marker list is displayed. When you tap one of the marker thumbnails in the marker list, the current video position jumps to the marker’s IN point (marker start time). To go back to the original playback controller, tap the Jump button again. When tapping the right bottom triangle mark, you can enter the “Marker Play Mode”. Marker Play Mode (you can go back to the Normal mode by tapping the left bottom triangle mark) Playing back single marker Just tapping a marker thumbnail can start playing back the marker. Repeat play of single marker Tapping the “Repeat Marker” button can … Continue reading

Editing Marker

How to start editing a marker Tap the “Edit” button to start editing a marker, then the Marker List will be displayed. (Touch the edit button again to hide the Marker List.) Tap the maker thumbnail you would like to edit, then the Marker Setting Panel will be displayed. [Tips] The Marker Setting panel can be moved to where you like by dragging around “Marker Setting” string on the panel. And resizing (zoom in/out) or moving the video is also available by 2-finger operation on the video screen. Modifying Label name Tapping on the current label string will start “character editing mode” and the keyboard will be shown, then you … Continue reading

Playback Control

Playback with 3 different speed mode Touch The Video can give you choice of playback speed from 3 different speed mode. Slow (x0.1*/0.2*/0.3*/0.5/0.7/0.8/1.0) Normal (x1.0/1.3/1.5/2.0) Fast (x2/3/4/6/8/16/32) (*)Sounds are not being played when playing back videos in slow mode (x0.1/0.2/0.3). There are 3 buttons to start playback, and tapping each buttons can allow you to start playback with the specified playback speed. To pause the playback, tap the playback button again. How to change playback speed To change the playback speed assignment for the button, flick up/down on each button.. You can also change current playing back speed by slide up/down on the touch operation area on the screen. Playback … Continue reading

Inside the Marker function

Here are how to register Marker in various ways. Mark Button location (Menu ON, Portrait mode) Mark Button Location (Menu OFF, Landscape mode) Even in full screen mode with no menu, touching the transparent marker button at the left bottom can create a mark. One Touch Marker This is the simplest function to instantly create a mark while playing back the video. When the button text is shown as “Mark” while playing back the video, tapping the button will automatically generate a mark whose IN point (start position) is when to tap, OUT point (end point) is after a certain period specified as “Duration” value. The IN point timing can … Continue reading