Touch The Video v1.7.1 released

Touch The Video new version v1.7.1 has been just released in the App Store.

Here are changes with the v1.7.1 and v1.7

The following bugs of ver1.7 have been fixed.

  • When a file was specified as “private mode” (with Touch the Video ver1.7 or before), it was not be displayed on Touch The Video ver.1.7 even when the private mode was ON.
  • A setup of “Contents display control” was not reflected immediately.

Display control of iTunes file share’s Folder

When all the videos in a folder become undisplayed by setup of “Contents display control”, the folder itself is not displayed.

The following is a new function from the version 1.7.

Custom Video Thumbnails

(iOS5 or later)

When saving a still picture, you can choose whether “Save to camera roll” or “Save as a thumbnail”.

By setting thumbnail with the best memorable scene, you can visibly recognize more easily what the content is.

In order to show larger thumbnail as much as possible on HOME or content list, the design has been slightly changed.

Startup Passcode

(iOS5 or later)

In addition to the existing Private mode” feature to protect your particular videos, “Startup Passcode” has been newly added for easier operation.

By enabling this feature, 4 digit passcode will be required when launching the TouchTheVideo.

You can also use the “Private mode”with the Startup Passcode for more secured privacy protection.

[Note]Startup Passcode can increase your privacy by preventing others from launching Touch The Video, but is not intended to hide video files in iTunes file sharing.For this purpose, please use “Private mode”.

Sort function

Video contents listing order in the “iTunes File Share”or “My Favorite videos” can be sorted by filename. (ascending / descending)

Other changes

  • Improved speed for showing contents list.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Touch The Video as your usual App for viewing videos on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Touch The Video is continuously going to be improved to have more features and better performance, and to be more user friendly application. We need and welcome your valuable feedback or feature requests. Feel free to contact us anytime from contact web page or facebook.

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Download and enjoy your “Touch The Video” !

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