Reviews from App Store in various countries

Recently we got very delightful review from German App Store.

“this is the most sophisticated player i have found so far. keep going like that.”

There would be no more encouraging words than this for application developer like us. Thank you very much.

This time we would like to introduce all of reviews we have got from App Store in various countries.

For your information below list is the summary of our App’s evaluation result by the number of stars.

★★★★★ 17 *****************
★★★★ 5 *****
★★★ 4 ****
★★ 4 ****
14 **************

Honestly it is not so happy situation to see the 2nd most result was “one star”, but we guess that was mainly due to getting problems related to access permission to Camera Roll (iOS5 or before, iOS6 or later), Sound or DRM protected videos. And there found some reviews where we have no room even to find out the situation. If you find any problems with our App, please let us know from our Contact form in details so that we can try to find the cause and fix with our best effort.

Belows are reviews (in original language) in order by number of stars. (the newest is listed each top)

★★★★★(17 reviews)

greatest player ★★★★★

– Version 1.5 – Jun 15, 2013 Germany

this is the most sophisticated player i have found so far. keep going like that.

かなり良い ★★★★★

– Version 1.5 – May 7, 2013 Japan

使い易いです。 あと、フォルダの作成と並び替えとサムネイルを自由に選べれば言うことなしです。

Just what I’ve been searching for! ★★★★★

– Version 1.5 – Apr 19, 2013 Denmark

I’ve been looking for something like this for years, and I finally found it. I use it constantly for reference videos in the field, when shooting video or recording foley and other audio, and it works beautifully and very smoothly. Could use a better design, and it’s a tiny bit annoying that the backwards scrub speed is slower than the forward, but other than that, this app is perfect in every sense for viewing reference video in any situation, or just for viewing video in general when you want a bit more control over playback.

Apple純正が… ★★★★★

– Version 1.4 – Feb 9, 2013 Japan

ズームインとリピート機能が凄く便利。 一年間も純正で頑張ってきた俺が馬鹿だった…(´・ω・`)

Fast and functional. ★★★★★

– Version 1.4 – Dec 23, 2012 UK

Got this because the iPhone player controls for volume and scrubbing cover half the video screen. This app works perfectly and does everything it said in the description. Quality app!

Great video playback app ★★★★★

– Version 1.3 – Oct 29, 2012 Germany

I have tried almost every video playback app in the store. This one was by far the fastest an most intuitive to use. The gesture-controlled video playback is both amazing and simple to use. I would only like to see support for more video formats and a way to delete videos from the database. Keep up the good work guys!

Works great ★★★★★

– Version 1.3 – Nov 21, 2012 Canada

I use this to slow down and loop (ab repeat) music videos to learn songs by ear.

あったああ。 ★★★★★

– Version 1.3 – Nov 17, 2012 Japan


How good? ★★★★★

– Version 1.3 – Nov 16, 2012 Canada

So far fabulous! Does slow speed GREAT! Just what I want.

Wow ★★★★★

– Version 1.2.4 – Sep 13, 2012 Canada

Very very good, on my iPhone 4, takes a couple of seconds to load up but after that it’s absolutely fantastic. Love this one. Thank you for this.

Best Video Player in App Store ★★★★★

– Version 1.2.4 – Sep 2, 2012 USA

Finally! A video player that scrubs video back and forward very smoothly. Awesome finger pinch zooming. This is the player I have been searching for since the birth of iPhone.

スローは数種類あると。 ★★★★★

– Version 1.1 – Apr 20, 2012 Japan


Good, again! ★★★★★

– Version 1.1 – Mar 6, 2012 Japan

Smarter and more useful by update to ver. 1.1.

Great ★★★★★

– Version 1.1 – Apr 8, 2012 USA

Invaluable for watching recorded lectures. This lets me speed up slow talkers and set bookmarks for specific sections as I’m watching. Haven’t found a better app for this kinda stuff yet.

So I’m surprised ★★★★★

– Version 1.1 – Mar 17, 2012 USA

Every time I see an app like this I’m usually very skeptical because I’ve been promised features that aren’t delivered but this one is definitely the exception! It works as described! The videos that I uploaded to my iPad in the videos app were automatically picked up by the app and I even was a le to download a .MP4 with my browser app (Dolphin HD) and open it with this app. Very happy!

Works fine ★★★★★

– Version 1.0 – Mar 2, 2012 USA

Does exactly what is says. Location services need to be turned on. Very useful for learning things by video.

とても良いです ★★★★★

– Version 1.0 – Feb 13, 2012 Japan

値段の価値はあると思います。 可変速再生や区間リピート 画面の拡大縮小など、嬉しい機能が あります。 ヘルプがあれば、わかりやすくて なお良いです。 サポートを続けてくれることを 祈っています。

★★★★(5 reviews)

Great app ★★★★

– Version 1.5 – Apr 24, 2013 Belgium


Great app for dance ★★★★

– Version 1.5 – Apr 14, 2013 UK

I wanted something to manipulate video of dancers so that I can learn new moves. This does a really great job of it. Lots of easy playback control. Would be 5 star with an option to keep the edge of screen controls visible during playback! Update – found what I was looking for, plus a whole load more useful tools. What this app really needs to make it 5 star is better documentation!

Great Player! ★★★★

– Version 1.4 – Feb 2, 2013 Germany

This is for me the best flexible video player App. A lot of functions which other video player Apps don’t have. Wish for the future: protection of the App by passcode/password.

機能たくさん ★★★★

– Version 1.3 – Nov 25, 2012 Japan

機能がたくさんあるようなので、開発者サイトみるといいです。 倍速再生ができるだけで満足です。時は金なりぃ。 映像だけでなく、音声データも開けるようにしてください。 学習に使いたいので。逆にできないと知った時は、まさかの がっかりでした。

三倍速以上に実用性は少ないかな ★★★★

– Version 1.1 – Mar 22, 2012 Japan

動画の高速再生ができるアプリを探し、これを見つけました。 同様のアプリにSpeedupTVがありますが、三倍速以上の高速再生もできるということでこちらを購入しました。 ただ、三倍速からはカクカクとした再生になってしまい、観賞用にはできませんでした。 とはいえ、動画の倍速再生ができるアプリがこの価格というのは素直にお得だと思います。 あとは、操作説明をストアだけでなくアプリ内からも閲覧できたら……

★★★(3 reviews)

機能的に微妙かも ★★★

– Version 1.5 – May 18, 2013 Japan


DRM free? ★★★

– Version 1.1 – Mar 28, 2012 USA

All of my sport videos that I downloaded from iTunes are DRM protected therefore this app is useless for me. The app itself works just fine though.

音声がでません. ★★★

– Version 1.1 – Apr 14, 2012 Japan

変速再生ができて非常に便利ですが,音声が出ません.再生速度をかえても音声が出ません.対応法はあるのでしょうか? ご教示お願いいたします.

まあまあ(。-_-。) ★★★

– Version 1.0 – Jan 7, 2012 Japan

スローモーションはまあまあですが、早送り(?)すると画面がカクカクして楽しめない(>_<) まあ僕がこのアプリをダウンロードした理由はスローモーションがメインだったので、そこまで文句は言いませんけど少し残念です(T_T) でも値段のわりには良いアプリですねd(^_^o) 長文失礼いたしましたm(_ _)m

★★(4 reviews)

Unresponsive ★★

– Version 1.5 – Apr 25, 2013 Switzerland

The ability to mark locations in a video is great but trying to get from full screen back to the menus is very frustrating because the toggle fullscreen button on top is very unresponsive

バグ ★★

– Version 1.5 – Apr 7, 2013 Japan

動画再生を一旦停止⇒フレーム画像を保存⇒再生 をすると音量が勝手に変わってしまいます。 修正よろしくお願いします。 その他はとても使いやすいです。

Very, very good! ★★

– Version 1.4 – Mar 16, 2013 Austria

Really good!

Buggy ★★

– Version 1.1 – Mar 18, 2012 USA

This video player is at least the best as in features I have seen / used yet. I just got the New iPad 64GB 4G lite version. I want a video player that will play all my Canon 60D DSLR videos. I do love that I can use my finger to scrub through the video one frame at a time easily forwards or backwards which is something I really need in an iPad video editor showing of videos for my video business. Bugs: when I am scrubbing through the video by moving the slider to advance the video the app crashes. I can only access videos in the recently added folder. I want to access all videos on my iPad. This is a must have feature for any video player. I can’t use this player if this is not updated or recommend this app. And I do recommend good apps to a lot of friends. Next, I would like more control over different slow-mo options. Right now you can only select full speed or half speed. I would like to be able to tap on a button and every time I tap on the button it will advance the slow-mo speed by a certain interval. Also a button the works in reverse. Taping on the button will slow down slow-mo by a set interval. If these thing are corrected/ updated then I will give this app 5 stars. Also the video scrubbing need to be tweaked slightly to play a little smother so trying to scrub one frame at a time is a little bit smoother. To the developer: try out Avid Studio to see how smooth the video plays even DSLR native video plays. Even try streaming to the new ATV3 by way of screen mirroring DSLR video. This works really smooth and no lag time in Avid this is how all video played and video editors should work.

★(14 reviews)

What? No you tube link?!? I can’t access ★

– Version 1.5 – Jun 3, 2013 USA

I can’t access my own camera roll without giving you my location?! What?! I want my money back! I’m only doing one star because zero is not an option.

お金を返して ★

– Version 1.4 – Feb 11, 2013 Japan


再生出来無い ★

– Version 1.4 – Dec 26, 2012 Japan


音が出ないです ★

– Version 1.3 – Nov 18, 2012 Japan

iPhone5で、iOSverは6.0.1です。 音が全然でません。youtubeや ビデオをデフォルトアプリから 再生する場合は、問題ないです。 何か特別に設定しないといけない ものなのでしょうか?

音がでません ★

– Version 1.3 – Nov 18, 2012 Japan


Bad apps ★

– Version 1.2.4 – Aug 22, 2012 Romania

I want ,this apps to work in camera roll

Not working on new iPad ★

– Version 1.2.4 – Aug 20, 2012 Canada

Doesn’t load any videos from my iPads camera roll.. First useless app for me…

動かない ★

– Version 1.2.4 – Aug 1, 2012 Japan


Do not buy this app ★

– Version 1.2.3 – Jul 10, 2012 USA

I tried to record videos and it would not show up on the app. Total and complete waste of my money.

Needs work ★

– Version 1.2.3 – Jun 28, 2012 Australia

Please enable “open in” from other apps. Not happy. ?

落ちる ★

– Version 1.1 – Apr 3, 2012 Japan

すぐ落ちる 発想はいい 改善をお願いします

Fix please ★

– Version 1.1 – Apr 2, 2012 USA

Ok have it to where you can choose videos that you have taken on your phone from the cam roll


– Version 1.0 – Feb 25, 2012 France

NE VOUS LAISSEZ PAS TENTER !!! c,a ne marche pas… Aucun contenu vide’o de mon Iphone n’est reconnu ou re’pertorie’ dans cette application. Donc elle ne me sert absolument a` rien ! c,a ne sert qu’a` vous extorquer quelques euros pour la mauvaise cause…

Horrible ★

– Version 1.0 – Jan 31, 2012 USA

This app doesn’t work. It is saying that I don’t have any videos in my camera roll but I do.This app gives you no direction at all of how to work it.Waste of my money.

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