[FAQ]Sound does not come out.

There are two possible reasons.

1.Please confirm the Ring/Silent switch.

Please turn the switch to “Ring” when it is “Silent”. Playing back sound by many applications including standard “video” is available even when the switch is “Silent”, but “T.T.Video” complies with the Ring/Silent switch setting.


In iPad,”Lock Rotation” or “Mute” is selectable by the setting of “Use Side Switch to:”.

When T.T.Video sound does not come out even when the current setting is “Lock Rotation”, please follow procedure below.

  • Select “Mute” from “Settings” application / “General” / “Use Side Switch to:”
  • Turns the switch to “Sound Output” (not the red one) ==> now the sound from T.T.Video should come out.
  • Select “Lock Rotation” again from “Settings” application / “General” / “Use Side Switch to:”

2.Sound of a specific file does not come out.

There is a possibility the audio codec of the video file may not be supported by iPhone/iPad.

To know if the audio codec is supported by iPhone/iPad, please follow procedure below.

  • On your PC, drag and drop the video file into iTunes and register. (It will be registered into the “Movies” category of the iTunes library.)
  • Connect iPhone/iPad to the PC.
  • Choose iPhone/iPad in the device column and click “Movies” tab upside .
  • Check “Sync Movies” and the files in “Movies” list you would like to check.
  • Click “Sync” button on right bottom to start to synchronize.

If the file codec is not supported by iPhone/iPod, the sync stops and an error message will appear.

In that case, please transcode the file to appropriate codec supported by iPhone/iPad by using 3rd party transcode software.

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