About Related Folder

TouchTheVideo Plus uses a method of storing information related to the contents of file holders and private folders in the “Related Folder”.

The fact that related information is stored in this folder facilitates backups and restorations that include related information.

Folder name

The file name of the main content is “ABC000.MOV” with the last period changed to an underline “ABC000_MOV” is the name of the associated folder.

TouchTheVideo Plus detects the relationship between both in the same folder and recognizes them as related folders.

TouchTheVideo Plus handles related folders as follows

  • Related folders are not displayed as folders.
  • File operations such as copying, moving, and deleting are performed in conjunction with the main content.

Folder Contents

The related folders contain the following data.


File name is thumbnail.jpg.

information file

File name is info.json.

In addition to information such as image size, tags and notes are stored.

Marker Information

File name is marker.json.

Other Resources

If you copy or backup all resources from “Photos”, all resources contained in the original “Photos” data will be saved in this folder.

By retaining all resources, you can restore them in their entirety when you restore to “Photos” again. Only burst photos cannot be restored as burst photos.


The list of files in the folder will appear in the “Related Resources” section of the file information.

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