Touch The Video v1.2.2 released

Touch The Video v1.2.2 was released today. Many functions were added such as Frame Capture,Smooth scrubbing, videos in “Event” support, extended the speed of slow motion. [New function]Smooth scrubbing You can scrub by horizontal swipe during pause. Scrubbing interval change by vertical swipe (1/60,1/30,1/15,1/10,1/5,1/3,1/2,1sec,Intra-Frame>2sec) [New function]Low-speed slow motion Extended the speed of slow motion (x0.1/0.2/0.3) ( without sound ) It is useful for the analysis of an early motion of golf, batting, etc. [Changed Specification]A single frame step function Time of “Jump before”/”Jump back” button has two values during playback and pause. during playback:±3,5,10,15,20,30,40,50,60sec during pause:±1/60,1/30,1/15,1/10,1/5,1/3,1/2,1,2sec “Jump before”/”Jump back” button can be used as a frame step button during pause. [New … Continue reading

We have stopped sale of Touch The Video temporarily.

Since the trouble by the mistake of our company occurred in the release of the new version of Touch The Video, it is App Store. We have stopped sale of Touch The Video temporarily. Now, it is under preparation towards the right release of a new version. The release is being planned in the beginning of June. Many new functions are planned in the new version. Please look at a part of the function by video as a preview. [youtube Fjvs34V25Gg]

Touch The Video v1.1 released

Touch The Video v1.1 was released today. [New function] Touch The Video v1.1 can import videos in your iTunes library such as Podcast, iTunes U and more just by “Sync” with your iPhone/iPod/iPad.( only iOS 5.0 or later) Like standard “video” application, you will be able to playback the videos in “Podcasts”/”iTunesU”/”Movies”/”TV Shows” with the “Touch The Video v1.1” just by sync on your iTunes as usual. (DRM protected videos are not supported.) Please experience comfortable and efficient video-assisted education by easiliy utilizing versatile featuers of “Touch The Video” such as marking, repeat, speed-up/slow, zoom in/out and more. [Bugfix] Recognition problem for camera roll videos has been fixed. In our … Continue reading

Touch The Video is a sales start at App Store!

CREASYST LLC has just released the universal application “Touch The Video” for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Touch The Video is a versatile video player implementing a lot of practical functions and ease of use such as variable speed play, variable zoom play, partial repeat function, external video output and more. This Application is suitable for various scenes such as – Language learning – Dance practice – Sports review to check player’s form or players’ formation – Presentation or classroom to quickly start the necessary video scene. In commemoration of “Touch The Video” release, CREASYST is now offering limited time campaign 66% discount, Normal Price : $2.99 Campaign Price : … Continue reading