Touch The Video v2.0 released

Touch The Video new version v2.0 has been just released in the App Store.

Since the free LITE version was also released, please try the LITE version before buying full.

iOS7 fully compatible app with renovated GUI

– becomes fully compatible with iOS7 (iOS7/8 exclusive)
– Adopts flat looking designed icon
– Selectable look & feel from a choice of 7 different theme colors, 6 key colors and 5 back colors.
– Next marker / next video buttons are added to the player controller.
– Improved operation in menu off mode to realize almost same usability as the controller buttons. The operation at the screen center area becomes customizable for various use.
– Renovated Marker edit GUI for easier use.
– Many settings available within Player GUI.
– Referring to Help while operating Player.

Play in background / Remote control

– “Play in background” feature can help you listen to music videos or learn languages. (available also in marker play mode)
– “Remote control” feature can control playback for fast-forward, fast-play, reverse-play and so on.
– “Customization” can allow you to assign any features against remote control operation such as marker jump and more.


– You can create your own playlist with any TouchTheVideo’s video files.
– Supports Photos app album and iTunes playlist.
– Random playback is available within list shown on the screen.
– Customizable displayed title
– Changeable thumbnail (from any position within the video or from Camera Roll)
– File Search function
– Videos in Photos app album and “TouchTheVideo document” can be copied each other, also can be exported to other apps.

Supports 120fps

– Supports 120fps footage taken by the standard “Camera” app, accessing frame-by-frame is also available. Slow motion playback also becomes smoother.
– Supports 24fps footage (frame rate shown in video info.)

enhanced still picture exporting feature

– Changing aspect, cropping position and image size on preview.
– Text captioning (Camera footage will show the timestamp there)
– Allows inserting fixed message other than the caption such as copyright.
– Selectable output destination such as sending directly to SNS.

improved performance

– Performance improved by putting long time processing into background and so on, especially verbose waiting at the app start up has been resolved.
– Remembering the last tab when exiting or re-starting the app.

other useful features

– Search feature (by title, filename, album name or time) can help creat favorite or playlist efficiently.
– Videos in Photos app album and “TouchTheVideo document” can be copied each other, also can be exported to other apps, which can be the best solution for contents backup.
– Changeable title to display.
– Videos in “TouchTheVideo document” can be renamed.
– Changeable thumbnail by specifying other file in Camera Roll.

About LITE Version

– Banner advertising is displayed on each list.
With LITE version, you can’t use the following functions.
– Play list
– Startup Passcode
– Private Mode
– Saving Marker data
– Caption Setting of Exported Frame Picture

Touch The Video as your usual App for viewing videos on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Touch The Video is continuously going to be improved to have more features and better performance, and to be more user friendly application. We need and welcome your valuable feedback or feature requests. Feel free to contact us anytime from contact web page or facebook.

Please do not forget to “Like” us on facebook or evaluate us at App Store Customer Ratings or Customer Reviews.

Download and enjoy your “Touch The Video” !

Touch The VideoView in US App Store

Touch The Video LITE View in US App Store (LITE version)

(for other countries, change store by clicking flag icon located bottom right of the next page)

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