TouchTheVideo Plus released

TouchTheVideo Plus v1.0, a major renewal of Touch The Video, is now available on the App Store.


This section focuses on new features and changes from TouchTheVideo.


Photo support

Previously only video content was supported, but TouchTheVideo Plus now supports photo content.

Support for photo content allows for the following

  • Backup and restore photos and videos in the Photos app by day.
  • Photo and video slideshows are available.
  • Photos captured from a video can be managed in the same folder.
  • You can convert a single photo into a moving video.
  • Multiple photos can be converted to video.

Supported files are still image files with jpg, jpeg, png, heic, and cr2 extensions, and GIF animations with gif extension.


iCloud Photo Support

If “iCloud Photos” is turned on in the Photos app settings, iOS will automatically save to iCloud and may delete data from the device depending on usage.

TouchTheVideo could not detect this content that is in iCloud but not on the local device.

With TouchTheVideo Plus, even this type of content can be displayed in a list and automatically downloaded and played when tapped.


Support for new iOS/iPadOS features and devices

Screen size

Full screen display is now available on iPhones and iPads that no longer have a home button.


SplitView on iPad is now supported.

Drag & Drop

You can capture still images by Drag & Drop from the playback screen.

The contents of the list also come by Drag & Drop.

Starting with iOS15, you can now Drag & Drop to other apps on the iPhone.


Continuous playback is possible while using other applications.


What’s New in Video Viewer

The GUI has been extensively reviewed in pursuit of high functionality and ease of use.

Scrub bar

The sound pressure waveform and thumbnail display allow easy understanding and accurate positioning.

Control button

The control buttons on both sides of the screen can be changed to positions that are easy to operate with one hand.

Audio and subtitle track selection

Support for selecting multiple audio tracks and displaying and selecting subtitle tracks.

Playback Color Adjustment

Brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, and hue can be adjusted without conversion.

Lip Sync Adjustment

It can handle cases where sound is delayed (e.g. bluetooth earphones) or video is delayed (e.g. HDMI output).


What’s New in Markers

List view format

Various operations (playback, merge, export, delete) with multiple selections are now possible.

Longer marker titles can be displayed in portrait view.

Random Playback

Random playback is available for all markers or when multiple markers are selected.

Playback interval setting

You can set the silence time after a single marker playback.

Ideal for shadowing and repeating language learning.

Playback repeat count setting

You can set the number of times a single marker can be played back.


Video Editing Functions

The following conversions are available

  • aspect ratio
  • resolution
  • Color Adjustment
  • Pan Zoom
  • Speed Effects
  • frame rate
  • Codec (H264/HEVC)
  • quality
  • metadata

The free version will insert the TouchTheVideo Plus logo.


What’s New in File Management

Folder Management

The old name “TouchTheVideo Documents” has been changed to “File Folder” to enable folder management. Hierarchical management is now possible, just like a normal file system.

Private folder

TouchTheVideo managed it as one attribute of the contents of “TouchTheVideo documents” but Touch The Video Plus has changed the method to manage it as a completely separate storage location.

Tags and notes

Tags and notes can be saved per content unit.

You can save notes in folders.

Tags and notes can be displayed in the contents list.

Related Folder

In “File Folder” and “Private Folder”, if one content is, for example,, an associated folder named aaa_mov is created, which contains related data such as tags, memos, icons, and marker lists.

This allows for easy transfer and backup of these related information.

Peer transfer

Easily copy content between two nearby TouchTheVideo Plus.

This is an Air Drop exclusively for TouchTheVideo Plus.

Metadata Modification

You can change the date and place of creation.

Since the creation date and time can be corrected by offset time, it is easy to correct the problem of videos taken with some digital cameras being recognized off by a certain time when imported into iOS.

Photo Content Format Conversion

Photo content can be converted to JPEG or HEIC.

IOS screenshots are saved as PNGs. Converting them to JPEG or HEIC can reduce the file size by 1/10 to 1/20.


Subscription of paid version

The previous paid version used a one-time purchase model, but Touch The Video Plus will use a subscription model.

It is difficult to continue development with a buy-out model, such as adding new features or responding to iOS updates.

We appreciate your understanding for continued progress.


Difference between free version and premium subscription


Save marker information

Free: Marker function can be used but cannot be saved. (Edits disappear when the viewer is closed.)

premium: Marker information is automatically saved and can be used in the same state the next time it is played back.

Marker section cutout and composite saving function

Free: None

premium: OK

Output video when video editing or photo to video conversion

Free: TouchTheVideo Plus caption will be added.

premium: Nothing added.

Metadata modification and format conversion functions

Free: Only one file is allowed at a time

premium: Multiple files can be processed at once.

Video merging (non-destructive merging of videos of the same resolution and frame rate)

Free: None

premium: OK

Password setting for private mode transition

Free: None (access to private files without password)

premium: OK (Can be password protected)



3-month automatic renewal : $0.99

1 year automatic renewal : $2.99

This is the price in the United States. The actual price will be displayed on the purchase page.


Use TouchTheVideo Plus to manage your videos and photos!

Most features are available in the free version. The free version is also (for now) free of advertisements.If you are working with video or photos on your iPhone or iPad, please give it a try.



View TouchTheVideo Plus in the App Store

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