Content Viewer – Screen Structure

This page describes the common features of the Video Viewer and Photo Viewer.

Screen Display Mode

Tap the center of the screen to switch between three display modes.

control display

This mode indicates the position of control buttons, etc.

These controls are also hidden in other modes, but they are still operational.

Content only

This mode displays nothing but content.

information display

Displays title, memo, tags, creation date and time, and shooting location.

Common Controls

Although the types of controls vary depending on the type of content, common controls are described here.


Touch to turn the check mark on and off.

size button

Touch to switch between full screen and list view.

When the list is displayed, the size can be adjusted by dragging.

Two-finger operation

The following functions can be used with a two-finger operation of the center section.

pinch in/out

Image reduction/enlargement


Movement of display position

Two-finger tap

Switches the fit mode.

It can also be used as a function to return to standard size when enlarged, reduced, or moved.

Fits inside

Displays the entire content within the display area.

Fits in the middle

Shown in sizes between “Fits inside” and “Fits outside”.

Fits outside

The display will be shown in a size that fills the display area. A portion of the content will be clipped. You can tilt the device to scroll through the invisible parts.

Fit with margin

Display inside the display area, avoiding the upper and lower time bars and scrub bars.

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