Touch The Video v1.2.4 released

Touch The Video new version v1.2.4 has been released today.

The version up this time is mainly for bug fixes.

Here is what has been changed with v1.2.4.

[Bug fix] Marker function did not work when playing back from “Contents list”.

When playing back iTunes Library contents from v1.2.3 contents list, there were some problems such as marker function did not work, no title appeared or viewing history was not correctly saved. These bugs have been fixed with v1.2.4 this time.

[Bug fix] Bugs in marker function

When quitting marker playing back or tapping another marker while playing back marker, there was a case next marker operation was not performed as intended. These bugs have been fixed with v1.2.4 this time.

[Bug fix] Thumbnail disappeared after backup/restore.

When doing backup/restore with using iTunes, thumbnail of video disappeared and never showed up, but have been fixed with v1.2.4 this time.

[Improvement] Marker position display for marker playing back

This might be a kind of pretty minor feature 🙂

but currently marker position/duration has become indicated on the time bar. (Previously it was shown only when editing marker.)

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Download and enjoy your “Touch The Video V1.2.4” !

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