Screenshots of the player(iPhone/iPod Touch)

Portrait mode/Menu ON/While playing back

Portrait mode/Menu ON/While pausing

Showing only difference from when playing back.

Portrait mode/Menu OFF/(pausing)

When the menu is set to OFF, this menu temporarily appears. After a while this will be hidden and only a video will remain on the screen.

Portrait mode/Menu OFF Touch Operation

Following operations are available without showing menu.

Landscape mode/Menu OFF(small menu)/(pausing)

Menu will be automatically hidden after turning into Landscape mode.

After a while this will also be hidden and only a video will remain on the screen.

Landscape mode/Menu OFF Touch Operation

In this case, Touch operation is available on the following zone.

Landscape mode/Menu ON/(playing back)

Below is a screen shot when in landscape mode (menu on)

Menu State Transition Diagram

Here is a summary of Menu state on rotation / menu operation.

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