Touch The Video Plus ver1.3 released

The following is a guide to the changes in ver1.3.



Added off setting for detailed display of list view.

You can select “None” in

Setting > List View > Detail1/Detail2 


Support for displaying titles in the control center.

You can check titles and send songs on the lock screen, especially when playing in the background.

The same control is also available from the “Now Playing” App on the AppleWatch.


Improved button size and response area on iPad.

The button sizes placed above and below have been slightly expanded horizontally, and the downward reaction area has also been widened.

The scrub area is slightly larger than before, from fixed width to ratio width.


Lowering the iPad volume bar position.

On the iPad, the multitasking control buttons are located at the top center of the app, which interfered with volume control.

Therefore, the display position was lowered slightly.


Automatic playback after alarm or other interrupting sound ends.

TouchTheVideo Plus playback will automatically stop when an alarm or other interrupting sound occurs. Improved to automatically restore the pre-interrupt playback state at the end of an interrupt sound.


Background playback setting to switch immediately.

There is a setting for “Background audio playback” under Settings > Content Viewer.

Previously, this switching effect was not updated until once it was in the background, but we have improved it so that the effect is reflected immediately after switching.


Picture-in-picture even when background playback is off.

Previously, Picture-in-Picture could not be performed when the “Background Audio Playback” setting was turned off, but now Picture-in-Picture can be performed by automatically enabling background audio playback at the start of Picture-in-Picture.


Bug Fixes


Drop support for iOS16 clipping item.

You can now cut out an object and Drag&Drop it in the Photos app in iOS16.

Touch The Video Plus has traditionally supported Drop, but we have found that the app falls down when dropping objects from the photo app.

Object drop from photo apps is supported in this version.

Use it to manage collections of cutout objects.


Problems with Lightning Digital AV Adapter output.

Fixed the following issues when outputting to the Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

  • Slight display position shift problem
  • Problem with small display in part of screen on iOS16


Resolution selection for vertical photo editing.

Fixed a problem in which the wrong resolution choices were displayed when editing a vertical photo.


Other bug fixes


Use TouchTheVideo Plus to manage your videos and photos!

Most features are available in the free version. The free version is also (for now) free of advertisements.If you are working with video or photos on your iPhone or iPad, please give it a try.



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