[FAQ]Camera roll video not detected ~ How to download original files with “iCloud Photos”

“Suddenly I could not see that part even though I could see it until now”
We are reporting issues such as.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

In such a case, are you using “iCloud Photos”?

Even if iCloud photo does not have original file, thumbnail is displayed on camera roll, but T.T.Video is specification which can not detect without original file.

To download the original file please do as follows.

  • In the list of photo applications, select “Select” mode and select the file you want to download.
  • Select “Save to files” from the export button in the lower left.
  • The message “Preparing …” is displayed. You will wait until it is over.
  • When you are finished you can ask for a storage location, but “Cancel” here.

Then we think that it can be detected by opening T.T.Video

However, we do not know when this downloaded state will be deleted.

If you want to continuously use T.T.Video, copy it to “TouchTheVideo document” in the following way.

  • T.T.Video > “Photos” Albums > Camera Roll> file list of the date
  • Tap the “Select” mode button.
  • Select the file you want to copy.
  • Select “Copy to TouchTheVideo document” from the lower left export button.

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