Lossless file combining

From ver.2.7, it became possible to combine and save multiple files without recompressing them.

(Paid version only)

Here, we explain about lossless file combining.

Condition of lossless file combining


File combination is done from the action menu when multiple lists are selected.

The file combination menu is displayed only in the following list.

  • ”TouchTheVideo Documents” list
  • ”Photos” Albums list


When multiple files are selected, menus are displayed only if the following attributes of all selected files are the same.

  • Resolution
  • Framerate

How to combine files

Tap the “select” mode button

Select the file you want to combine,

(The selection order at this time is the combine order)

Tap the action button in the lower left.

Select “Combine videos” from the action menu.

Completed screen

The title of the combined video will be “Title of the file selected first – Title of the last selected file”.

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