Touch The Video v2.5 released

Touch The Video new version v2.5 has been just released in the App Store.

Only a pay edition is released ahead. Please soon wait for a free edition a moment.

The change point is as follows.

New function and Improvement

Video information in List

  • Add resolution and frame rate.
  • The key color indicates a positional marker to indicate the video played at the end.

List Playback function

The following continuous playback by the Play button under each list.

  • Play from beginning
  • Play where left off
  • Play Shuffle

Multiple selections and Action

When the list was made “Select” mode, you could choose more than one file and action.

The kind of sorting

Sorting by “Create Time” “the “File Size” is added besides “Display title” in the list of “TouchTheVideo Documents” , “My Favorite Videos” and “My Playlists”.

Display Order of “Camera Roll”

An ascending order and descending order can be chosen.

Delete file function of the camera roll(iOS8 or later)

Deleted files are left for 30 days in Album “Recently Deleted” of “Photos” app .

Export function when pausing

Add function which “Save to Camera Roll” the frame picture directly and “Open in other application” the video.

Sound Volume

The function which closes automatically was stopped.


Add “Rose Gold” in Theme Color.

Bugs fix

  • The problem that a saved video isn’t shown to the camera roll from “iMovie” and others.
  • The problem that a file on “TouchTheVideo Documents” can’t be deleted.
  • The problem of crashing when it opens from other applications in the state of non-start.
  • The problem of crashing when a frame picture sent to “message” and “mail” by the function which export to other application.
  • The problem that a private file is still shown to “TouchTheVideo Documents” of iTunes
  • The problem that file name change in the private file won’t be done.
  • The problem that pass code present indicates that a control center is indicated at a private mode.
  • The problem that the character of “new folder” and “Select/Unselect Files” and an icon aren’t indicated at an edit mode of “TouchTheVideo Documents”,”My Favorite Videos” and “My Playlists”.
  • The problem that a sorting result of “My Favorite Videos” won’t be reflected immediately.
  • Problem that a pose button doesn’t work just after changing the play speed parameter.
  • The problem that a skip button goes off when the skip interval is changed in the Control Panel hidden state, and a panel is indicated once again.
  • The problem that each control button goes off when indicating a panel once again when playback was controlled from Apple Watch in the Control Panel hidden state.
  • The problem which becomes unusual state when speed change in the slow play is repeated many times short time.

Touch The Video as your usual App for viewing videos on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Touch The Video is continuously going to be improved to have more features and better performance, and to be more user friendly application. We need and welcome your valuable feedback or feature requests. Feel free to contact us anytime from contact web page or facebook.

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Download and enjoy your “Touch The Video” !


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