Touch The Video Plus


TouchTheVideo, a high-performance video player, also supports photos Now you can manage videos and photos together.

It also supports drag-and-drop, picture-in-picture, and split-view (iPad only) functions for the latest operating systems, making it even easier to use.

Usage Scenes

Viewing Videos

– High-speed playback with high sound quality.
– Four different speed buttons
– Lip-sync adjustment
– Picture-in-picture support
– Split-view support(iPadOS)

Video and Photo Organization

– You can save tags and notes for each content, and notes for each day or folder.
– Daily backup and restore of “Photos” app data
– All composite data in the “Photos” app can be saved while editing. You can edit the data after restoring.
– Interconversion between JPEG and HEIC can reduce storage capacity
– Add or modify date and time of shooting and GPS data for photos and videos imported from another camera.

Practice languages and musical instruments with the marker function

– Various functions are available by marking specific sections.
– In addition to repeat and random playback, the number of repeats and playback intervals can be set.
– Ideal for repeating and shadowing in language learning.
– Accurate marker editing is possible while checking the sound pressure waveform.
– Markers can be saved with the purchase of a premium subscription, and those markers are available in the free version.

Simple editing of recorded video

– In addition to aspect and resolution changes, effects such as zooming in and panning are also possible.
– Speed can be changed.
– Mutual conversion between HEVC and H264 and frame rate conversion are also supported.
– You can convert photos to video.
(The above features will be marked with the TouchTheVideo Plus logo in the free version.)


Supported Files

– Video m4v,mp4,mov(mpeg4/h264 codecs only)
DRM-protected movies and TV programs such as iTunes Store cannot be played.
– Photo jpg,jpeg,png,heic,cr2,gif

File management – “Photos” application)

– Photos and videos from the “Photos” app will be displayed automatically.
– iCloud Photo Support
– Daily backup and restore

File management – ”Podcast” application

– Video content downloaded to the device is automatically displayed.

File management – File folder

– It can be accessed from the “Files” app, the Mac Finder, or Windows iTunes.
– Folders can be managed like a normal file system.

File management – Private folder

– This is an area that can only be viewed in private mode.
– Can be copied or moved from file folders.

File management – common

– Tags and notes can be added to each contents.
– Memos can be added by group (folder).
– Metadata such as creation date, time, and location can be added or modified.
– Photo format conversion (JPEG,HEIC)
– Peer Transfer : Send files between nearby TouchTheVideo Plus

Video Viewer

– Variable speed playback: Can be set from 0.1x to 3.0x in 0.1x increments. High-quality audio playback with minimal distortion.
– High-speed playback with audio up to 128x.
– Scrubber with thumbnail and sound pressure display
– Lip Sync Adjustment : +0.3 to -0.3msec
– Color Adjustment on Playback
– Capture button or drag-and-drop frame capture

Marker function – video viewer –

– Repeat playback and random playback
– Setting the number of repeats and playback intervals.

Video Editing/Conversion

(The free version will have the TouchTheVideo Plus logo.)
– Aspect/Resolution conversion
– Pan Zoom Effect
– Speed conversion
– Color Adjustment
– frame rate conversion
– Codec selection (HEVC/H264)

Photo Viewer

– Portrait: 3D view
– Burst photo: Animated display

Photo Editing

– Aspect/Resolution conversion
– Color Adjustment
– Codec selection (JPEG/HEIC)
– You can convert photos into motion video.
(The free version will have the TouchTheVideo Plus logo.)

iOS/iPadOS feature support

– Drag-and-drop
– picture-in-picture
– Split-view (iPadOS)

Other Features

– External video output supported (only video can be displayed externally)
– Remote Control Support


The following features are available with the purchase of a premium subscription.

– Save marker information
– Partial save of marker section
– No captions on video editing output
– No caption when saving video conversion in photo editing
– Batch metadata modification, video merging, and format conversion for multiple file selections.
– Setting Private Mode Password