Touch The Video

Touch The Video is a video player which allows you to easily handle videos with intuitive touch based operations. We especially dedicated to enrich its usability to be your usual video player though having a lot of high-end features such as variable speed play, zoom play, marking, A-B repeat play and more.

Main Features

Touch The Video has a various advanced features which are not available with the standard Video app.

Variable speed play

  • Playing audio is available from 0.5x to 2.5x play, best way for language learning or quick view.
  • Smooth motion by supporting 240fps contents at 0.1x/0.2x/0.3x slow play, best for form analysis.

Rich Marking function

  • Instantly creates mark whenever you want. Selectable from marker thumbnail list.
  • Repeat-plays for all through the markers or single marker, indispensable for language learning.

Touch operation without seeing menus

  • Almost all playback controls can be done by touch based operation on video screen.
  • Pinch out operation for zooming. No difficulty to see small size telop.
  • Horizontal slide operation for scrubbing, slight wind and rewind.

Frame capturing

  • Frame capturing feature can allow you to save crucial moment of the video contents.
  • You can also trim the captured image, add a caption and directly send to SNS.

File management ease of use

  • Videos in Photos app album, ”Podcasts”, ”iTunes U”, ”Music” and ”Video” are automatically listed with the thumbnail icon. The thumbnail is changeable as you like.

Continuous play

  • Continuous or random play by album, in favorite list or in your own playlist.

Background Play / Remote control

  • For listening to music videos or language learning.


  • Secured by startup passcode and private mode which can hide specified files.

External video output

  • Even with external output video, zoom, variable speed play, repeat play, laser pointer, horizontal flip are available. We hope you can utilize for dance lesson and so on.

Customizable Color

  • Selectable look & feel from a choice of 7 different theme colors, 6 key colors and 5 back colors.

We believe there are no compared video players and it is worth to buy TouchTheVideo for your more convenient movie life with your iPhone/iPad. Not so bad to start from LITE version for free.

LITE Version restriction

  • Banner advertising.

Below features disabled

  • Play list
  • Startup Passcode
  • Private Mode
  • Saving Marker data
  • Caption Setting of Exported Frame Picture

Operating Environment

This Application requires an iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad with at least iOS9.0 installed.

Supported file types and the input method

Video files with following extensions are supported.

  • m4v
  • mp4
  • mov(with mpeg4 or h.264 codec only)

[Note] TouchTheVideo can not playback DRM protected video.


How to play your videos with TouchTheVideo

  • Drop your file to “iTunes-your Device-Apps-File Sharing – TouchTheVideo Document” window.
  • Select Touch The Video by another apps’ “Open in”.
  • Various standard apps’ videos are automatically detected by Touch The Video.

    • Videos in Camera Roll (“Photos” app)
    • Videos imported by “Lightning – USB camera adapter” (iPad “Photos” app only)
    • Videos in “Music”/”Podcasts”/”iTunes U”/”Movies”/”TV Shows”/”Photo” synchronized by PC iTunes app.
    • Downloaded videos by “Podcasts” app and “iTunes U” app.
    • Music videos (“Music” app)


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