Video Viewer – Basic operation

Screen Structure


During playback : Volume buttons

Tap to display the volume slider. Tap again to make it disappear.

When paused : Capture button

Save the frame image in jpeg during posing.


seek bar

Touching the playback position will seek to that position.


end mode

Changes the behavior at the end of playback.

You can choose to “exit player”, “replay”, or “pause”.

Default selection can be set in “Setting” > “Video Viewer” > “Play by item selection” > “End Playing”.


marker mode

Tap to enter marker mode and become a marker button.


scrub bar

Video thumbnails and sound pressure levels are displayed.

Tap to play/pause

You can scrub by swiping.。


Scrub bar display mode

You can switch between three display modes.

[AV] Sound pressure and thumbnail

[A.] Sound pressure only

[..] No indication



Tap to toggle between play and pause.

Slide sideways to change the current playback speed.


Left play button

“Standard Speed” button by default. Playback at standard speed.

Long press to change the speed.(x0.5-3.0)

Can be changed to “Third Preset” button or “Play/Pause” button in settings.


Right play button

“Third Preset” button by default.Playback at the third preset speed.

Long press to change the speed.(x-128-128)

Can be changed to “standard speed” button or “play/pause” button in settings.


Left Preset button

Playback at left preset speed.

Long press to change the left preset speed.(x-128-128)


Right Preset button

Playback at right preset speed.

Long press to change the right preset speed.(x-128-128)


Forward and backward skip buttons

Skip forward or backward a set time.

A different time can be set for the pause.

Long press to change the time.

– During playback : ±3-60sec

– When paused : ±1frame/ 0.1-10sec

Repeat operation can be performed by double-tapping and holding the second time.


Speed control position change

The speed control buttons are evenly distributed by default, but their position can be moved by swiping the button down or to the left or right.

It makes one-handed operation easier, especially on the iPad’s large screen.

drag and drop

If you press and hold the center of the screen and shift it slightly, a thumbnail of that frame will appear and act as a drag-and-drop item in iOS. You can save the captured image to a specific location in the app or to another app.

ou can save to other apps on the iPhone since iOS 15. While dragging, you can exit the app with another finger, launch the Notes app, for example, and drop it.

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